Designing and Painting of Leverets

The 'Leveret' workshops were helping schools to design and create their own leveret, which would then become part of the larger Go Go Hares Sculpture Trail in Norwich. I worked with two schools, 

Holly Meadows Primary School (Reception Class 4-5 Year old children)


To come up with a design based on the names of the classes and woodland of the school. The design I came up with was implemented by creating stencils that the children could paint over. I also used masking tape to block off areas to paint.

Harpley Primary School (Every child in school)

They wanted me to help the children come up with a design for their leveret which would then be painted by the children at a later date. I laser cut leverets based on the design of the sculpture, which had a stand for each child. We talked about themes and they had a choice of media that could be used. I also taught the theory of colour mixing.