Swineshead Pageant Crown Treasure Trail

The Crown Treasure Trail was part of the Swineshead Pageant. A festival in the village of Swineshead. 

Swineshead is famous for the Abbey which is part of the village history. The story is that King John stayed at Swineshead Abbey as a stop between Kings Lynn and Newark. It was here that allegedly he was poisoned, using the poison from a toad.

King John died a few days later on reaching Newark Castle.

The Crown Treasure Trail, told the story of King John and his relationship to Swineshead via NFC stickers that could be scanned with a mobile phone. When the phone is placed next to the sticker, it would connect with a part of the story that could be listened to through the phone.

Each crown had a different part of the story, and each crown was placed in a different parts of the village to create a trail.

Each crown was made from gilding metal which had been soldered together and then powdered coated in different colours. All the crowns were based on features of historic crowns.